Woman fashion accessories in Enna

Sale of silk foulards

At the store Di Bella Ugo it is possible to buy woman fashion accessories in Enna. The staff tries to satisfy all the needs of the client, by suggesting all the accessories capable of enhancing and enriching the outfit of every woman. With the aim of customizing every outfit, accessories for every part of the body are offered, from head to toe. The women who love to feel glamour will find accessories from famous brands belonging to the fashion world, both national and international. In particular, they will be able to wear:

  •  Neck silk foulard (it is capable of donating a researched look thanks to the many ways in which it can be arranged and worn) 
  •  Foulard (it is the same fabric used for the neck ones but the dimensions are clearly bigger, so that it can also be worn on the head)
  •  Silk or cotton stoles (the wide pieces of fabric worn on the shoulders which are used mainly in ceremony occasions)
  •  Circular scarves (they embrace and heat up the neck during the winter)
  •  Cotton, woollen cashmere scarves (they are available in one colours, with flowers, fringes or pon-pons and they can be matched with gloves and hat)
  •  Felt hat (the classic one is the Borsalino)
  •  Velvet fedora hat (the wide model is about 7,5 – 8 cm)
  •  Fur (faux or true) hats, perfect for protecting the head from the intense cold
  •  Knitted and beanie hats (they can be cotton or woollen and in many different colours)
  •  French hat (also known as basque with a retro charm)
  •  Wide brim hats 
  •  Cowgirl hats
  •  Bowler hats (a classic accessory which is capable of donating that elegance and charm touch)
  •  Montera (Spanish hat)

And then, within the showroom of woman fashion accessories in Enna you can choose among belts which are classic, casual, high waisted, woven, with jewel-buckles other than gloves which are classic, cut or wrists-heating in warm wool. The store also offer a selection of bijoux articles in many styles. In particular they have:

  •  Bracelets
  •  Rings
  •  Necklaces
  •  Earrings
  •  Hair jewels

For those who are looking for a perfect gift idea, which is also prestigious, at the store you can find leather pieces such as:

  •  Key rings
  •  Wallets
  •  Coin purses
  •  Cards holders
  •  Handbags
  •  Shoulder bags
  •  Backpacks
  •  PC bags
  •  Tablet bags
  •  Pochettes