Design bags in Enna

Vendita borse da giorno

The boutique Di Bella it is not only a landmark for the sale of woman clothing and apparel. In the exhibition, it is possible to find also design bags in Enna of every kind and model. Researched, not always considered important but always loved, the bags represent the element of fashion desired by every woman. The staff offers small bags, big bags and medium ones in different shapes, models, fabrics and colours, capable of customizing the look of who is wearing them and to contain every kind of item or document, per one’s needs. Among the models available of design bags in Enna you can find:

  •  Shopper bags (like the shopping bag of the supermarket, available in more than one version, from the finest ones in leather to the linen ones for the most informal situations)
  •  Handbag (it has a long and large shape, a double grip and a zip for the closure, it can be used for both elegant and formal occasions)
  •  Briefcase (rectangularly-shaped, flat and rigid, similar to an envelope, with a hole in the superior part)
  •  Tote bag (with a trapezoid or rectangular shape, it is perfect for containing tablets and smartphones and every other thing needing space)
  •  Backpack (perfect for the less formal occasions, to carry on the shoulders)
  •  Clutch (can be soft or rigid, it is a handbag because it does not have any handle)
  •  Hobo (is a concave bag with a zip, a buckle or a hook for the closure and it is a shoulder bag)
  •  Letterman bag (it is a flat bag with pockets, perfect for those who love to move using the bike or a scooter)
  •  Saddle bag (it reminds the horse saddle, realized in an artisanal way and well matches both a casual and elegant look)
  •  Baguette (small and rectangular it is available in different colours and themes and it is easily wearable during the day)
  •  Frame (typical vintage bag, rigid, a little squared in the superior part)
  •  Minaudiere (it is the accessory for the gala occasions or the night which require an elegant look. It is small and compact and realized in silk or leather, with jewels and embroidery)
  •  Weekend (it is the perfect bag to go out for two days but also for the gym)
  •  Bucket bag (it is a shoulder bag and it is perfect for a casual outfit)
  •  Quilted bag (perfect in every moment of the day, it realized in leather or fabric and enriched with golden chain as grips)