Woman apparel in Enna

Sale of casual pieces of clothing in Enna

Those who are looking for a completely-womanish boutique will be able to find a solid partner in Di Bella Ugo. The shop is well-known for the sale of woman apparel in Enna. Within the showroom it is possible to find all the latest news of the spring-summer and autumn-winter collections. The clothes available are of many models, colours and styles. What they have in common is the quality of the fabrics and the finishing, other than the belonging to famous and prestigious brands, both from the Made in Italy and foreign ones. The owner, together with the staff are completely available for the clients to offer all the new arrivals and to create researched matching. For the happiness of the women, in the shop you can buy:

  •  Dresses (shirted-dresses, informal dresses, classic dresses, night dresses, party dresses, longuette dresses)
  •  Cotton, silk or chiffon shirts and blouses
  •  Tops (informal tops, night tops, peplo tops, t-shirts and tank tops, crop top and brassiere) 
  •  Printed t-shirts with short or long sleeves
  •  Knitwear (pullovers, cardigans, knitted dresses, knitted tops)
  •   Jackets and coats (woollen coats, kimono, blazer, parka, leather and faux leather jackets)
  •  Gowns (day gowns, night gowns, long gowns, longuettes, jeans gowns, mini-gowns)
  •  Shorts (elegant shorts, casual shorts, jeans shorts, high waisted shorts)
  •  Trousers (long trousers, 70s trousers, princes trousers, capri pants, fantasy trousers)
  •  Jeans (skinny jeans, push up jeans, high waisted jeans)

Of every piece of clothing we have all the sizes. The client will be able to try on the favourite ones in order to understand the wearability and to go for the purchase or chose a different model. The staff will suggest the best outfit for every woman who is looking for a formal dress to wear at a ceremony or those who simply want something casual for the daily life. Moreover, it is offered a post-sale assistance. In particular we do changes and returns for wrong sizes or pieces of clothing with flaws (in both case you should keep the receipt with you). The shop of woman apparel in Enna also activated a comfortable and efficient sartorial service. An expert tailor collaborates with the store to do the following interventions:

  • rim to the gowns or trousers
  •  rim to the jeans
  •  re-doing of buttonholes
  •  the adding of a button and related buttonhole to a jacket or a shirt 
  •  the shortening of the length of the sleeves of shirts and dresses
  •  the reduction of the width of gowns and trousers
  •  the adding of shoulder pads

In this way, the clients who buy a dress and want to have some little sartorial retouch so that it can fit perfectly, can rely to the staff without having to go on their own and look for a tailor. The repairs are done state-of-the-art and within excellent timings.